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Unbreakable tankless water heater

Unbreakable tankless water heater

I am a lucky man, because I learn a lot new things day-by-day. I am a lucky man, because I have an adorable little daughter, who I love without any compromise, and I am not so lucky because I learn every new thing because my daughter breaks everything she touches.

I still don’t know how she did it, but my little Jean somehow broke the boiler in our house. We left her in her bed and after two minutes we just heard a big boom from the bathroom. Me and my wife rushed there and what we found was breath-taking. Our little girl was next to the boiler which was at least in 10 separate parts.

  • First of all, I reinforced her bed, now she could not climb out.
  • Secondly, I cleaned the whole bathroom and made sure that there is no leak in our water system.
  • Thirdly, I still don’t know how will I replace the boiler.

Or at least I don’t know at the moment when I write these words, maybe at the end of the entry I’ll have an idea.

another foto of a different water heater

One thing for sure, I want to do it alone. It’s some kind of challenge. I don’t want to get a professional involved. I’m sure that if I watch enough youtube video about it, I’ll be able to replace it all alone.

Maybe I won’t buy another boiler, maybe I just install a tankless water heater. Hmmm…

(20 minutes later)

I found a site which provides tankless water heater reviews for dummies: I think I learned a lot in the past minutes. Maybe I already found the most massive water heater I ever saw. It is made from hardened steel and made it up from 5 separate layers, making it nearly impossible to break. That’s the water heater I want!

If I am right I could make its attachments at home, and those will be much-much stronger than the original ones.

Sorry, I delighted myself a little bit too much. But at least, now I know what I’ll order within 5 minutes after this entry.

Disposal makes it easier

No matter, that I live in the US, since I came to this world, but I never used a garbage disposal before. I know, most of the families think it is an important part of the kitchen and they really love it, but somehow I missed this tradition before.

Until last week, when finally, my wife convinced me to buy one of these disposals. I was sceptical about it, so, I started a small research, first within my friends and after that on the internet. Strangely everybody told me that a good garbage disposal helps their everyday life a lot. It was not enough for me (yes, I am a little bit stubborn) so I went to a friend of mine and asked him to let me try this machine. After a dinner they gave me, I got the task to wash the dishes and while I did it I had the chance to learn how the disposal works. I still don’t know why, but when I turned it on and pushed some leftovers into, it gave me a shiver feeling and made me happy (Just like when a kid got his new toy). I thanked the opportunity and went home.

I ran upstairs and turned on the computer to order one. That was the moment when I realised how many different kind of disposals exists. After an hour of thinking, a website helped me with descriptions and the best garbage disposal reviews out there. It is called Pick My Disposer. With its suggestions in my mind I ordered my first disposal. It is quite big and inside it is titanium.

Since it arrived I’m the only one who wait the end of the meal better, than the meal itself. After everybody finishes I go to the kitchen and turn on the garbage disposal. It has a sound of a tiger and power of a bear. I really love it. (my wife loves it too, because I wash the dishes, which was previously her task).

Electric razor for bearded men


It was quite a while since I last wrote an entry to you. It wasn’t because I don’t love you, my dear readers. I had a little bit hard time, but now I’m back with stories in my backpack and I am eager to read your feedback!


In my opinion, beard is everything. No matter if it’s long, short, black or brown, it’s an emblem of masculinity and an international sign, that connects people. If you ask a bearded man, about his beard, I’m 100% sure, that you will hear an amazing story about it. It is, because there is a story behind every beard. Furthermore you have to work for it. It’s not enough just to let your facial hair to grow…you have to treat it, you have to take care of it.

For example I went to barber every two weeks in the past 5 years, where my beard got different oil and paste treatments. But now…. I had to stop this good habit, because my daughter has just born 1 month ago, and I’ll gladly spend my money on her, without thinking, rather than leaving it to the barber.

On the other hand, I don’t want to lose my beard, so I had to figure out what to do.

After a long research I found some interesting sites that can help you to know even more about your facial hair, but I highly recommend to go at least once to a barber and consult with him.

You can obtain a good amount of knowledge about it, but you will still need some kind of razor. And a beard is much easier to be handled with an electric razor, rather than a simple, old style razor. But that is not a field of information, that most barber can help (because they don’t do itt he old way), so you have to do it yourself. I found an amazing webpage, where you can find electric razor reviews, and they are written by professionals, who really know what they say.

This is how I found a very good Braun electric razor, which is simply perfect to keep the style of my beard. I am very glad that I can be with my little daughter and still I can keep and treat my beard.

If you are facing similar situation go on, and find a razor that’s good for you.

Next time, I would like to introduce you some ways of treating your beard like a king, without a barber!

See you!