Disposal makes it easier

No matter, that I live in the US, since I came to this world, but I never used a garbage disposal before. I know, most of the families think it is an important part of the kitchen and they really love it, but somehow I missed this tradition before.

Until last week, when finally, my wife convinced me to buy one of these disposals. I was sceptical about it, so, I started a small research, first within my friends and after that on the internet. Strangely everybody told me that a good garbage disposal helps their everyday life a lot. It was not enough for me (yes, I am a little bit stubborn) so I went to a friend of mine and asked him to let me try this machine. After a dinner they gave me, I got the task to wash the dishes and while I did it I had the chance to learn how the disposal works. I still don’t know why, but when I turned it on and pushed some leftovers into, it gave me a shiver feeling and made me happy (Just like when a kid got his new toy). I thanked the opportunity and went home.

I ran upstairs and turned on the computer to order one. That was the moment when I realised how many different kind of disposals exists. After an hour of thinking, a website helped me with descriptions and the best garbage disposal reviews out there. It is called Pick My Disposer. With its suggestions in my mind I ordered my first disposal. It is quite big and inside it is titanium.

Since it arrived I’m the only one who wait the end of the meal better, than the meal itself. After everybody finishes I go to the kitchen and turn on the garbage disposal. It has a sound of a tiger and power of a bear. I really love it. (my wife loves it too, because I wash the dishes, which was previously her task).