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Unbreakable tankless water heater

Unbreakable tankless water heater

I am a lucky man, because I learn a lot new things day-by-day. I am a lucky man, because I have an adorable little daughter, who I love without any compromise, and I am not so lucky because I learn every new thing because my daughter breaks everything she touches.

I still don’t know how she did it, but my little Jean somehow broke the boiler in our house. We left her in her bed and after two minutes we just heard a big boom from the bathroom. Me and my wife rushed there and what we found was breath-taking. Our little girl was next to the boiler which was at least in 10 separate parts.

  • First of all, I reinforced her bed, now she could not climb out.
  • Secondly, I cleaned the whole bathroom and made sure that there is no leak in our water system.
  • Thirdly, I still don’t know how will I replace the boiler.

Or at least I don’t know at the moment when I write these words, maybe at the end of the entry I’ll have an idea.

another foto of a different water heater

One thing for sure, I want to do it alone. It’s some kind of challenge. I don’t want to get a professional involved. I’m sure that if I watch enough youtube video about it, I’ll be able to replace it all alone.

Maybe I won’t buy another boiler, maybe I just install a tankless water heater. Hmmm…

(20 minutes later)

I found a site which provides tankless water heater reviews for dummies: www.primeheaters.com. I think I learned a lot in the past minutes. Maybe I already found the most massive water heater I ever saw. It is made from hardened steel and made it up from 5 separate layers, making it nearly impossible to break. That’s the water heater I want!

If I am right I could make its attachments at home, and those will be much-much stronger than the original ones.

Sorry, I delighted myself a little bit too much. But at least, now I know what I’ll order within 5 minutes after this entry.